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Hello . . . I’m Dan Oaks; also known as bierdo; and I love motorcycles. Although I own and ride several types of bikes, Dual Sport riding is my favorite. I’m semi-retired now at the age of 72, and although I still have a busy schedule running a business, I enjoy taking time off to haul my bikes across the USA to ride the trails, stagecoach roads, old railroad beds, assorted dirt roads, and twisties of America. I try to take my helmet cam along, but a lot of the time I just get too “into it” to mess with the camera stuff.

I also like to tinker. I have a fairly complete R&D shop where I can make just about anything I can come up with. For the past 25 years I’ve developed products for the graphic arts industry, but as part of my motorcycle hobby I have also made a few things to improve my comfort and safety on the motorcycles.

This is a place to share articles and ideas with my fellow riders.



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