Saddlebags for your XT225


Years of wilderness riding have left us with a wish list for our little  bikes. At the top of this list is the addition of a set of small saddlebags that would lower the center of gravity of our load. We’ve developed a set of dirtly Grab Handle Saddlebag Racks made form our 4x4 poly, reinforced with steel. They replace the OEM grab handles to give you a place to hang the bags, with supports to keep the bags off the exhaust and out of the wheel area.

We installed Bell bicycle stowaway bags. They’re available locally at most bike shops, sporting good stores, Walmart, Kmart, or online for about $10 each. There are many  other inexpensive bicycle bags of varying sizes that can be attached to these handy racks with minor modifications.

The racks are easily installed in minutes.

in place of your OEM grab handles,

using the longer stainless bolts included.

The racks are tough enough to jerk your

bike around, and to support the bags.

dirtlys Grab Handle Saddlebag Racks

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                         BAGS NOT INCLUDED

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