Raise Your Handlebars for a BETTER ride

Let’s face it . . . nobody designs a bike for larger riders. Us big guys can easily ride little bikes, but smaller people have a tough time riding big bikes. If your bike was designed for an “average size” rider, you may be missing a comfortable and more controllable ride. For example: if you stand up and ride, and must bend

over to reach the handlebars and feel like you’re going to go over the front if you apply the brakes or hit a bump; or if your arms and shoulders get tired on longer rides from leaning into the bars, you'll appreciate the added inch in height afforded by Dirtly’s 1” risers.

For just $34.95 plus $4.80 postage, you can add enough height to your bike’s frame geometry to eliminate bumping your knee in slides, remain in control and balance while standing up and riding, and reduce or eliminate arm and shoulder fatigue on longer rides.

Dirtly’s 1” Riser Blocks are available for almost all bikes with 7/8 bars and some 1-1/8” bars, including Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Sherco, Gasgas,and Suzuki Dual Sport, Dirt, Sport Bikes and even some Cruisers, for $36.95 (includes longer stainless bolts) from dirtly.com. They also fit most peewee bikes and ATV’s. Five minute installation. No modification of cables required.

Delivered to your mail box in three days anywhere in the U.S. for $41.90 including $4.95 Priority Mail! Outside the US, Air Mail costs range from $4.95 to $10.85. You’ll find them at my eBay store.


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