Dual Sporting with a Fishing Pole


One of our favorite things is to discover a fishing spot while taking a tour here in paradise. There’s nothing like fishing your way down through the Florida Keys on a dual sport bike, parking to fish under most of the 42 bridges that connect the 100 plus islands.


It’s like fishing in a saltwater aquarium. You never know what you’re going to catch, but it’s always exciting since many saltwater fish want to kill you. The beauty of the water and the islands constantly astounds you as you progress 115 miles towards your final objective, Key West. Certainly, the same holds true while cruising through Colorado, Oregon, California, or just about any rural area in the US. The challenge is to figure a way to carry your fishing pole on your bike between hot spots.

I’ve discovered an easy way to do it by purchasing a stock, off the shelf boat rail rod
holder and modifying it to suit my needs. The rod holders come from Bass Pro Shops, (Item 38-421-978-00 Set of two $14.95). You’ll need two 1-1/2” U-bolts ( I made my own from 1/4-20 threaded rod) and four lock nuts for each. You’ll find that most rods will rattle around in these holders, so I made a sleeve from a PVC drain pipe, slotted it for the rod, and installed it in the holder with two pop rivets. The result is a snug safe fit, and it will hold your fishing pole at any angle while traveling.

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