Invite Someone to Pull Out In Front Of You . . . or

How To Make and Install a Turn Signal Beeper

One of the easiest ways to invite someone to pull out in front of you is to drive down the road, inadvertently leaving your turn signal blinking.
Boy wouldn't you feel stupid, if you lived through it. I believe it's one of the most dangerous, and most common errors committed by bike riders.

There's an easy way to protect yourself from your own mistake in this case. Just install a turn signal beeper on your bike that will annoy you, and everyone around you, until you can't wait to turn it off. I’ve been making and selling these beepers since I had a near miss back in 1973.

I don't believe there is such a thing readily available, except from dirtly, and I really think you should have one of these turn signal beepers on your bike so I'll show you how to make one from inexpensive components from your local Radio Shack. And if you really don't want to fool around and make one, you can order one of ours, ready to install.

Supplies to Make a Beeper

You'll need the following supplies from Radio Shack to make your beeper:

  1. 1. Piezo Beeper 273-059 @ $ 3.29 . . . or louder: Piezo Beeper 273-060 @ $ 4.29  (our choice) or if you want a really loud and annoying beeper substitute a Radio Shack 273-068 for about $9.39

  2. 2. Bridge Rectifier 276-1152 @ $1.49
    18 inches or so of #22 stranded wire 
  3. 3. Soldering iron and resin core solder

  4. 4. Alligator clip for a heat sink

  5. 5. Electrical tape and/or heat shrink tubing

  6. 6. Velcro to attach beeper

Make it

  1. Be sure to clip a heat sink (alligator clip) between the rectifier and the point of soldering to protect it from the heat. Tape or shrink tube all leads and connections as you go.

  2. Solder the red lead from the beeper to the positive leg (marked with +) of the bridge rectifier.

  3. Solder the black lead from the beeper to the negative leg of the rectifier (directly opposite the positive marked leg)

  4. Solder a nine inch or so wire to each of the two (AC) remaining legs of the rectifier.

  5. When finished, wrap the rectifier and its leads in electrical tape so that it can't flex and break a lead.

That's all there is to it!

Install it

The photo is of an installation on an XT225.  The installation on a DR650 is the same except the connections are made to a black and red, and
a black and green wire, one of which goes to each turn light. On any bike, one of the leads goes to the hot side wire on each front turn light.

You can prove which wire is correct with a volt meter, as they flip-flop from negative to positive as the turn signals are switched from left to right. Simply unplug the hot wire going to the turn signal and insert one of the beeper leads into the male pin plug and solder it.

Replace the modified pin into its original female socket and repeat the operation on the other side.

Velcro the beeper to the firewall tape or velcro

the loose wires to minimize vibration and

chaffing, and re-assemble.

A simple operation, for just a few bucks, that can easily save your life.

Buy it . . .

If you really don't want to make your own, order one from us. Click on the button to buy, or call us at

                Turn Signal Beeper for

                 any 12VDC vehical

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