Install a 12VDC Outlet On Your Bike


One of the handiest mods you can make to your bike is to install a 12VDC outlet on the handlebars. It allows you power your GPS, cell phone, run an air compressor, auxiliary lights, and provides an easy way to charge your battery or give someone a jump start.

It should be wired direct to the battery so it’s always on. That way your GPS doesn’t shut down every time you stop for a minute. It must be fused with a 15 to 25 amp inline fuse. The fuse is not to protect your electronic gear, they’re each self protected, but to keep from starting a fire on your bike in case of a short in the wires.

The best outlet we’ve found is from Wal-mart or Pep Boys (Casco 212711C) and costs about $8. You can easily mount it on the handlebars using old reliable tie strips. The leads are only a couple of inches long, so you’ll have to add a length of red and black wire (Radio Shack 278-567) and splice in the inline fuse (Radio Shack 270-1281) at the appropriate place, near the battery.

Buy a few lighter plugs, (Radio Shack 270-1509) and then make up some cords
with the leftover red/black wire: install lighter plugs on your 12VDC compressor, and both ends of a six footer to jump start your buddy ( who also has a 12VDC outlet on his bike.) You can make another with a plug on one end and alligator clips on the other.

                              --  Dan (bierdo) Oaks


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